Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a memory

I'm seven years old. I'm laying in the long, soft, golden grass staring at the sky.

Dandelions exist all around me like the sea. And thats exactly what they are, a sea of lions.

To me, dandelions are the most beautiful of all the flowers.

No one ever bothered to tell me they were weeds. How did a weed manage to change into something with such beauty?

It wouldn't have mattered anyways, you couldn't change my mind.

I'm swirling a dandelion in my fingers, holding it by its stem.

I look over at my mother and she snaps a quick photograph of me in the sea of lions..

the sun reflecting off her golden hair.

She reminds me of a dandelion. The most beautiful of all the mothers.

I realize this is my heaven. I want to live inside that photograph forever.

Heaven. I'm staring up into it. I'm watching as the clouds keep moving further and further into the sky and in a way I know I'll never see them again and I miss them as they pass. I'm a little girl dreaming of heaven.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful memory!! I have so many beautiful memories and photographs of you too, baby! I wanted to preserve you and your sister forever in a time bubble! Thank you for this amazing gift today.. I will be walking on air for a month! Tears just came welling up in my eyes when I read this just now. Such a light, delightful and delicate little memoir and yet it has such a powerful effect on my heart! Oh, those days! I love you like crazy and have always thought you are destined for greatness. Look out Oprah, Haley's coming!! Love, Mom